Preparing your presentation for a successful webinar

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Preparing your presentation for a successful webinar

Webinars are a popular way to deliver content online and have been around for quite some time, however particularly now (during Covid-19), webinars are also being used to replace what otherwise would have once been a live event – such as a conference or training session.

It has recently been estimated that approximately 85% of Australian businesses are now using webinars as their main marketing and educational channel. The increase of enquiries and presentation work for webinars that Slidesho has received in the last few weeks, is in accordance with these rising figures.

Your presentation is undoubtedly the key to a successful and memorable webinar. Where possible, we recommend outsourcing your presentation design to the experts who will produce engaging content that will WOW your audience.


The following are some basic Slidesho tips to help steer you in the right direction when creating your PowerPoint presentation for the purpose of a Webinar:

  1. Always work from a template. If you do not have a template set up, a presentation designer can create one for you, or alternatively, you can use one of the many free templates that PowerPoint offers, however, keep in mind that having a template that is on brand is key (see point 4).
  2. Do not use too much text. Images are far more powerful whether you use a diagram, a graph, a hero image or an infographic and remember that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.
  3. Use key words. This is another technique for avoiding the use of too much text, place your script into the notes section of your presentation so as to ensure that your audience are focussed on what you have to say. The key is to select the key words within each idea you are sharing.
  4. Use the correct colours and fonts by referring to your corporate brand guidelines where available. If you do not have brand guidelines, this is where a presentation designer is worth their weight in gold.
  5. Keep branding top of mind and advertise your logo. This is your time to shine, been seen, heard and remembered.
  6. Animations and builds. Depending on what platform you are using for the webinar you may, or may not be able to use animations and builds. If your platform doesn’t support these functions, we recommend you split the content on your slide to give the illusion that they are animations/builds.


Some of our recent work includes presentations for Grayling, Active Metal, and Grosvenor Engineering Group.

We’ll end by reminding you that the key to a successful webinar is to make it as enjoyable, interesting, clear, and as interactive as you possibly can… after all no one wants a bored audience.

The proof is in the pudding…

If you would like to see how we can help rejuvenate your presentation and get it webinar ready, why not take us up on our ‘Slidesho Slide Clinic’ offer? It is a no cost, no strings and no obligation offer. All you need to do is email us a couple of your current slides and we will get back to you with recommendations on how to best achieve your goals.

Written by Almis Mestrovic for Slidesho

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