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Slidesho is a specialist presentation design agency, helping craft your presentation slides and visual communications into powerful visual stories.

We offer a full suite of professional PowerPoint presentation design services, as well as visual communication solutions such as infographics and illustrations. Alongside our design solutions, we provide expert PowerPoint training complemented by presentation consulting.

Our Services in a nutshell

Our Key Services


We can format your existing presentation or craft one from scratch, as well as help with content development, copywriting and narrative.

We take care of the visuals and the message with the end result being powerful and professional visual communications.


Custom designed PowerPoint presentations, Google Slides and Word Templates.

User-friendly templates designed with your business in mind. Whether it be a creative template to stand out from the crowd, or a structured template that works seamlessly with your brand.

03Visual Comms & Infographics

We design: Infographics, Iconography, Illustrations and Customer journeys.

We simplify complex messages through the use of various tools and turn them into impactful visuals that clearly communicate your message.


Affordable videos with animations and voice overs.

051-on-1 Powerpoint Training

Learn from the experts with our 1-on-1 Zoom PowerPoint training sessions customised to your specific needs.


We can assist you at every step of the project cycle, from planning sessions where we’ll work with you on your presentation, to providing a critique service of any existing presentations (we will critique both the message content and graphic design and provide you with a full report of recommendations).

Some of our great offers

Presentation design
services and offers


Monthly retainer packages to support your ongoing presentation needs

02Slide Clinic

Breathe life back into your slide deck with Slidesho’s Slide Clinic.


Great bundles that include re-designing your masters as well as your content

04Market Research

With 20+ years industry experience, we are an invaluable extension to your team.

About us

Slidesho is a Sydney based boutique presentation design agency offering a solution to all your presentation and visual communication design needs.
We offer a full service of award-winning presentation design and visual communication services; from business, sales and marketing presentations to custom presentation template design, more complex high-end interactive presentations, infographics and so much more.
We’ve worked with hundreds of clients since opening our doors in 2008, from large multinationals to one man bands, and everything in-between.
Step into our world of storytelling and let us become your go-to presentation designer.
Contact us today for a no obligation consultation with one of our presentation design experts and visual communication specialists. We have the know-how and passion to deliver results to your business.