Introducing a new subscription offer for the budget conscious business

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Introducing a new subscription offer for the budget conscious business

There have been many hurdles for businesses to jump through in 2020, with many becoming more budget conscious and looking for areas where they can cut costs and save money.

With this in mind, Slidesho is introducing a new subscription (retainer) offer, to assist our clients keep on top of their monthly budgets.

What are the benefits of our subscription offer?

  • There are no unexpected costs or budget blowouts, and we provide an update half way through the month so you know exactly where you stand
  • You know at the outset of each month what your cost will be
  • You will automatically be lowering your hourly rate by subscribing
  • If you don’t have internal resources, this is a fantastic way to fill in the gaps and eliminate the need to recruit, hire and train
  • Outsourcing your PowerPoint and visual communications projects will give you more time to focus your energy in other areas (allowing you to do what you do best)
  • You will be using someone locally and supporting the Australian economy
  • The packages are tailored specifically to your needs and represent excellent value for money

What does the new Slidesho subscription offer look like?

  • We agree on set hours per month to work exclusively on your presentations
  • There are no locked in contracts
  • You can cancel with a month’s notice
  • We invoice you at the end of the month
  • All bookings confirmed within 24 hours
  • 48-hour turnaround on most jobs (confirmed when booked)
  • Any unused hours for the month will be carried over to the next month (if not used within the following month those hours will expire)
  • Additional hours beyond those allocated in the package are billed at a pre-determined hourly rate

What services are included?

  • Formatting
  • Re-design
  • Infographics and iconography
  • PowerPoint and Word
  • Sourcing and purchasing images from our existing libraries

Here’s an example of how the subscription might work but remember that we will tailor the number of hours to your specific needs:

If you would like to make positive changes to the way you work in 2021, now is the perfect time to get in touch and find out how we can make an impact to your business.

Ph 02 8007 7520 or email

Written by Almis Mestrovic for Slidesho

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