Business perception is everything!

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Written by Almis Mestrovic – Content contributor for Slidesho

Business perception is everything!

Whether you are a large global company or a small family business, how you communicate with your current and potential clients, partners and employees is key, as communication affects their perception of your business. How they perceive you, will then form their impression of you, and it’s important that this impression be the one you are aiming for.

For example, a few years ago, I ran a small local business with my partner. The purpose of our business was simple, it was to provide the general public with affordable, hand painted artwork.

The first year we were in business, we engaged the services of a business coach and it was through his expertise that he helped us understand how the perception we were putting out to the general public was the opposite of what we intended. Visitors to our website were left with the perception that we catered to high income earners and that our product was high end. Therefore, because of this perception, the average person had the impression that we were too expensive for them.

In reality, our product was specifically aimed towards the average income earner, but we were not communicating that correctly or effectively.

There are many ways to communicate in business. Some of these are through advertising, traditional marketing, social media, web, business cards, customer service and even through our physical appearance. Another major contributor in business communication and one that tends to be overlooked is the very powerful PowerPoint presentation.

For example, it is not unusual for a business to invest a lot of time and energy in designing a business card. A lot of emphasis is put into the design and text layout, with many drafts and edits being made. However, when it comes to presenting a PowerPoint presentation to a live audience, in many cases, there is not enough appreciation into just how impactful and powerful a presentation can be.

The truth is, one polished, on-point and well-designed presentation can leave a positive and lasting impression on an audience. It can give your audience the perception that you are a leader in your industry, a trustworthy brand or a booming business. The positive outcomes and benefits are endless.

My point is very simple, get your presentation right and you will achieve your desired outcome.

For the past 12 years, the creative team at Slidesho have dedicated their time to perfecting the art of PowerPoint presentation design to ensure that their clients can stand confidently in front of their audience, with the knowledge that each slide they present is communicating their brand and message on point.

If you are unsure of how a current presentation will be perceived, a great place to start is by reviewing your master template. Ask yourself – “Is the branding and design on my current template enhancing my credibility, giving me a competitive edge, sending a clear message, and is it representative of my brand”?

If you do not have or work with master templates, from a business point of view, they are highly recommended because they ensure branding consistency and save you time and money in the long run.

Slidesho have 8 free templates available for download on their website, or alternatively, for a more customised template you can contact them directly to discuss and obtain a quote.

Remember that every bit of communication from your business contributes to painting a picture of your business.

There is a fantastic quote that I would like to share with you, from Steve Young (a successful American sports star), and that is;

“Perception is reality. If you are perceived to be something, you might as well be it, because that’s the truth in people’s mind.”

 Are you successfully communicating how you want to be perceived in your market? Let Slidesho help you from a presentation point of view.


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