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What your font says about your brand


When deciding on a font for your business, choosing a font that has the right personality for your brand is important. Selecting the right font can boost your brand identity because it will help attract the right audience.

In this blog post, we will discuss the different typeface styles and what they represent.

There are 4 basic classifications of typeface styles, they are:

  1. Serif
  2. Sans Serif
  3. Script (or cursive)
  4. Decorative

1. Serif Font

A serif is a small decorative stroke (that mimics a quill) and stems off the upper and lower end of a letter. Hence, the name Serif font refers to a typeface style that includes serifs. This elegant font dates back to the 18th century and has remained popular due to its visual appeal and readability.  

What the Serif font says about your brand

If you would like your brand to embody tradition and class, then you can’t go wrong with the serif font. It’s a font that promotes trust, respect and reliability.  

Based on this, the serif font is a great fit for a traditional or corporate business, such as Law, Finance, Insurance, Consulting, Fashion and Beauty.

Some popular Serif fonts are – Georgia, Times New Roman, Garamond and Baskerville to name a few.

Well-known traditional brands that use the Serif font are – Tiffany and Co, Dior, Rolex and The New York Times.

2. Sans Serif Font

The word sans means ‘without’. Therefore, the Sans Serif font can be recognised by not having a serif (the decorative stroke element) on the lettering.

What the Sans Serif font says about your brand

San Serif fonts are described as being clean, modern and sophisticated. They are also easy to read. If you want your brand to be considered fresh, honest, relatable and approachable, then a San Serif font can help you achieve your goal.

Some popular Sans Serif fonts are – Arial, Helvetica, Futura, and Calibri.

Well-known brands that use the San Serif font are LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google and Netflix.

3. Script Font

Script fonts are fonts that resemble the smooth continuous flow of cursive writing.

What the Script font says about your brand

Script fonts are an ideal option for visual brands, and they come in a wide variety of moods and characteristics as they offer both formal and casual styles.

A script font can help make your brand feel more personal, as they have a warm personality, and communicate a more personal approach to business.

For this reason, you’re more likely to find script fonts used within the following industries: Hospitality, Health and Wellness, Beauty, Barbershops, Removal companies, Food and Drink.

Some popular Script fonts are – Lucida Script, Lobster and Parisienne

Well-known brands that use Script font are – Cartier, Harrods, Ford and Hallmark.

4. Decorative Font

Decorative fonts are contemporary fonts that are essentially highly decorated versions of the Serif, San Serif and Script fonts. They are designed to draw attention to the eye and add a touch of style to a design.

What the Decorative font says about your brand

If you’d like your brand to grab attention with a contemporary and unique look, then a decorative font can help you achieve this. Decorative fonts tend to take inspiration from a variety of aesthetics, and they can communicate a stronger personality than the more traditional typefaces such as Serif and San Serif.

Decorative fonts can be used for any type of industry, however, it’s common to see them used by creative businesses.  

Some popular Decorative fonts are – Rosewood, Ice Age and Carmencita.  

Well-known brands that use a Decorative font are – Sega and Baskin Robbins

To Conclude

When designing a brand, it’s important to remember the role that fonts play in that they convey a personality. Choosing a font can be quite confusing as there are thousands to choose from. The best place to start is with the four main typeface groups and progress from there.

Here is an example of our logo

It consists of two fonts that are aesthetically pleasing together, and both are easy to read. We have kept our logo in clean black and white, allowing the fonts to do their work and communicate a personality of creative sophistication. The main font is “Abril Fat Face” and the secondary font is “Cambria”.

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