6 tips on what NOT to do when presenting

What not to do when presenting

Many of us are not natural presenters. In fact, for most people, just the thought of having to present to a group or audience causes stress and anxiety. To help calm your nerves, we have put together six tips on what not to do when presenting. Eliminating these easy-to-make mistakes will help you feel better prepared and more confident.

Here are our 6 tips on what NOT to do when presenting:

Don’t Wing It

We have all heard the saying “practice makes perfect”. Rehearsing is key to a successful presentation. The more you rehearse and follow a script, the better chance you will have of sounding like a skilled presenter. If possible, do practice runs for family or friends and ask for their honest feedback. You could also tape yourself and then play it back to see what you sound like.

Don’t arrive late

There is nothing worse than last-minute stresses – like arriving late to the venue or finding out that something is missing or not working. By arriving early, you will give yourself plenty of time to fix any issues, familiarise yourself and adjust to your environment and speak to some of the audience members as they arrive.

Don’t speak too fast

When people are nervous, it is very common for them to speak fast and hence speed up their presentation. What should be a 40-minute presentation can easily turn into a 20-minute one. It is important to slow down and use pauses during your speech. Pausing (at the right time) is also a fantastic way to emphasize a point.

Don’t read

Use your own words and speak from experience. Do not read from a script or read from bullet points that may be in your slides. Use your voice to tell the story and allow your slides to support you.

Don’t speak too softly

If your audience cannot hear you properly, it will not take long before you lose their interest and attention. Ensure you speak with energy and enthusiasm in your voice and your audience is more likely to stay engaged.

Don’t hide

Don’t stand in one spot, behind a computer or stand. Allow your audience to see you properly and while speaking maintain eye contact with them.

If you remember all the above and remember to value your audience and their time, you will find yourself giving a confident and successful presentation every time.

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