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Visual Communication through Customer Journey Maps


At Slidesho we simplify complex messages and information through the use of various tools and turn them into impactful visuals that communicate a clear message.

There are numerous forms of visual communication such as infographics, iconography, illustrations, and Customer Journeys.

In this post, we will cover the benefits of working with a Customer Journey Map.

What is a Customer Journey Map?

A Customer Journey Map is a visual roadmap that shows every engagement a customer will have with your service or product, from discovery, purchasing and beyond. It is a map that puts you directly in the mind of your customer.

Understanding your Customer

How much do you currently know about your customer?

Do you understand their:

  • needs
  • motivations
  • intentions
  • desires
  • pain points

Do you also understand why your customers are choosing you instead of your competitors? A customer journey can help answer all of this.

The Main Focus

The main focus of a Customer Journey Map is not about the number of transactions, but rather on how the customer feels after every interaction with your brand.

The creation of the map is a beneficial exercise as it will highlight how your customer is feeling at every touchpoint. This will help you identify what you are doing well and also highlight where you will need to work on improving the customer experience.

When you can identify a pain point (problem) for the customer, you can then work on how to improve on and fix the roadblock.

What’s Included in a Customer Journey Map

  1. The buying process – includes all the main stages and milestones in the customer’s buying journey
  2. Customer actions – what a customer does at each stage of the buying process
  3. Customer emotions – identifies how your customer is feeling at each point. This will help you prevent any negative emotions about the journey, which will prevent any negative feelings about your brand.
  4. Pain Points – this identifies any specific problem a customer experiences along their customer journey.
  5. Solutions – this allows you to brainstorm ways to improve the buying process for your customer so that they have fewer or no pain points.

Additional Benefits and Advantages

In addition to building clarity and understanding around your customer, you can also do the following with a journey map:

  • Present the visual storyline in company meetings. This will assist in future planning and goal setting
  • Use the map as a tool to help train team members with best practices
  • Provide the map to internal sales teams to help improve their performance and gain a better understanding of their customers
  • Review the map with your customer service team to assist them to provide a better customer service experience

Additional Insights Gained 

Your map will also be able to help you gain important additional insights such as:

  • How many times does a customer interact with your brand before they decide to make a purchase?
  • Is your customer service team able to deliver on solutions the first time the customer calls?
  • How many times does the average customer call your customer service team?
  • How did your customer initially become aware of your product, service or brand? Was it through social media, referral or other means?

Relevance to PowerPoint presentations

Often there is a need to include a Customer Journey Map in a PowerPoint presentation. It could be that you are discussing your own customers or perhaps your client’s customers (for example, during a market research presentation).

Similarly, much of the information covered in this blog can also be applied to Patient Journey Maps, where patient touchpoints within a specific healthcare experience are the focus.

Samples of Customer Journey Maps

Below are two videos showing samples of Customer Journey Maps.

Sample 1.

Sample 2.

In Summary

If you are serious about growing a customer-centric culture within your company (i.e. creating positive experiences for your customers through your services and products) then Customer Journey Mapping is definitely the way to go.

Do you need to bring your customer journey experience to life?

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