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Simple Solutions to PowerPoint Problems that Users may Encounter


PowerPoint is a powerful and versatile presentation platform, that has approximately 500 million daily users worldwide. However, just like with all other software, it’s still susceptible to problems that can be frustrating to some users while creating and delivering their presentations.

The good news is most issues are a simple fix once you know how. Below are some commons problems you may encounter in PowerPoint, along with some simple solutions.

1. Slow Performance

Problem: While working on your presentation, PowerPoint becomes slow and unresponsive.

2. Broken Hyperlinks

Problem: The hyperlinks within your presentation are not working as required.

3. Missing Fonts and Formatting

Problem: Your fonts and formatting don’t appear as they should when you open your presentation on a different computer.

4. Audio or Video Issues

Problem: Your audio or video files do not play correctly in your presentation.

5. Distorted Images

Problem: The images in your presentation are displaying as pixelated or distorted.

6. PowerPoint Freezes of Crashes

Problem: PowerPoint crashes or frequently freezes during use.

7. Issues with Slide Master

Problem: The changes you have made in the Slide Master are not applying to all slides.

8. Corrupted Files

Problem: File becomes corrupted while opening your presentation.

9. Missing Images or Objects

Problem: Images, shapes, or other objects disappear from your slides.

10. Incompatible PowerPoint Versions

Problem: You have created your presentation in a newer version of PowerPoint, and issues arise when you try to open that presentation in an older version.

Our best tip to avoid unnecessary disruptions when creating PowerPoint presentations is prevention. We recommend you save your work regularly and ensure your software is always up to date. As the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’.