Market Research: An extension to your team

Maximise the impact of your visual communications at every step of the project cycle, we are an invaluable extension to your market research team and members of the AMSRS.

1. Writing the credentials

With a solid understanding of Market Research business and outputs based on 15+ years with a leading research consultancy, we can assist with design, layout, consistency in formatting, spot-on branding, and creating an impactful image.

2. Preparing the winning pitch

Custom designed pitch documents with specific themes as well as templates to run through your entire project. A proven contribution to winning jobs, increasing conversion rates and driving efficiency through the use of templates.

3. Executing the project work

Formatting of questionnaires, creation of stimulus material, product/ shelf mock-ups, and more. We offer value for money professional output, which could potentially add value to your clients and help create a strong and improved perception of your company image.

4. Delivering top-line findings

Fast turn-around formatting of top-line presentations to deliver clearer messages to your clients, which in turn results in an improved reflection of your business.

5. Presenting the full report

Save time, focus on your area of expertise. We offer consistency in output and presentations that will wow your audience. We work with PowerPoint and Prezi, we do makeovers or full re-designs, importing XLS data, image sourcing, design of icons, infographics and journeys, vox pops and much more.

Market Research visual communications

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