Presentation Design Trends for 2022


Over the last couple of years, we have seen the pandemic influence presentation design trends.

From our observations and research into what other leading creatives are saying and predicting, the following are 5 trends you can expect to see used prominently throughout 2022.

1. Animations

You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking you are noticing motion design everywhere. Animated graphics and text-heavy videos are now prominent on our social media feeds, websites and presentations. The growth and popularity of animations are partially due to people being restricted in their travel (during the pandemic) and being unable to produce traditional videos as they previously would have. Our interest and needs have now shifted to a different kind of motion design, that of animated illustrations. The great thing about animated videos is that they allow companies to use their full branding (colours and fonts) throughout and stand out.

2. Serif Fonts

Over the last few years, Serif fonts have dominated the trends in graphic design. They are expected to continue to do so in 2022 and remain the font style of choice for many designers. Serif fonts are referred to as classic fonts because they date back to the 15th century and exude elegance and style. They are a popular choice for many individuals and businesses because they are traditional and nostalgic, which gives a sense of familiarity and security. The feeling of playing it safe is what consumers (or audiences) want during the current pandemic conditions.

3. Simple (and fun) Data Visualisation 

One of the most popular visual trends to come out over the last few years is Data Visualisation. It is the art of taking figures and raw data and depicting them in creative ways through the use of graphs, charts and maps. Yet again, the pandemic has also influenced how we present our data. The last two years have been a difficult time for many and it has left most consumers tired of difficult and heavy topics. There has been a shift in brands creating data visualisation on relevant topics but presenting them with a more fun and humorous tone. This trend is predicted to continue throughout 2022.

4. Inclusive Visuals

Let’s start by defining the meaning of inclusive visuals. They are visuals that include and reflect a diverse range of people and communities. The last year kicked off one of the biggest design trends that is expected to continue and become the way of the future. Brands have begun to hear and answer the call for their marketing to embrace and reflect diversity. We are now seeing more inclusivity by brands in their visuals, from brochures, websites and social media. In PowerPoint presentations, our icons, illustrations, photos all now showcase a variety of ethnicities, orientations and physical abilities.

5. Bolder, brighter colours

Another flow-on effect of the pandemic in design has been the tendency to stay with the familiar. A great example of this has been the popular use of muted colours in the last few years. They have remained on trend because they feel safe to use, look natural in appearance and are also nostalgic. Many designers however are now predicting a shift and return to bolder, brighter and vibrant colours in 2022. These colours represent our hopes for a bigger and brighter future. Colour trends do tend to evolve continuously though, and through our research, all evidence points to a slow resurgence to bolder colours.

You can download our summary on 2022 design trends below.


The pandemic has had a flow-on effect on all areas of our lives including art and design. While it has influenced design trend changes in interior and graphic design, it has also been the trigger to a substantial increase in the creation of digital content.

2022 is shaping up to be a year where we can embrace some inspiring and new design trends.

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