Social Media Graphics Design Service

At Slidesho we are constantly striving to enhance our services and provide our clients with valuable solutions to meet their evolving needs. We are therefore thrilled to introduce our latest offering: Social Media Graphics Design. In today’s digital age, social media has become the cornerstone of brand visibility and engagement. Stunning graphics play a pivotal […]

Slidesho’s 15-Year Anniversary!

Slidesho is celebrating its 15th year in business and I’m incredibly happy and proud to share these little snippets from our journey. May 2008 | Established in the midst of the Global Financial Crisis May 2008 | In the spare room of our home in Bonnet Bay NSW May 2008 | Newly created logo and […]

Top 5 design trends you need to know about in 2021

2021 will be the year of keeping it simple with ‘less is more’ when it comes to graphic design and presentation trends. After the disruption and chaos of 2020, people worldwide will gravitate towards and appreciate designs that induce a sense of calm and a feeling of familiarity. It’s for this reason that the design […]

Introducing a new subscription offer for the budget conscious business

There have been many hurdles for businesses to jump through in 2020, with many becoming more budget conscious and looking for areas where they can cut costs and save money. With this in mind, Slidesho is introducing a new subscription (retainer) offer, to assist our clients to keep on top of their monthly budgets. What […]

Virtual Meetings… our top 5 picks

Business and meetings go hand in hand, they always have, and this will never change.  What has changed, however, is the method by which we are conducting our meetings. Years ago, our only option for a meeting was either face-to-face or a phone conversation.  While face-to-face meetings are still preferred in typical business environments, the […]

Our Changing Environment: Embracing the new normal

As the world shifts to working from home and adapts to the changing environment, one of the best ways to embrace the new normal is to lean into the virtual landscape and start hosting live streams and webinars. If you’re hoping to improve productivity internally or want to engage with your customers, live streams and […]

An interview with Beatriz Diaz, Presentation Designer

I’ve been working for Slidesho as Beatriz’s Personal Assistant, Project Co-ordinator and content contributor since 2018. I still clearly remember the day I came in for my interview with Beatriz. She explained to me what she did for a living and told me about the services Slidesho provided their clients. The reason I so clearly […]

Presentation Design Trends for 2020

Presentation Design Trends for 2020

What’s New in Presentation Design? It’s that time of the year when we start thinking about the year that was and importantly about what’s coming up in the new year, new trends, new applications or technology that might impact on our work. At Slidesho, we have spent the past few days debating the trends in […]

A Day in The Life of a PowerPoint Presentation Designer

Being in a creative role can be interesting, inspiring, stressful, but never boring.  Each day brings something new and working as a PowerPoint Presentation Designer is no different.  There are days when it’s cruisy and I manage to get through the day without glitches, and then there are those crazy days with lots of deadlines, […]

Why having a retainer makes good business sense

We understand that nailing that presentation is crucial and that getting your message across to your audience is no easy task. We are also aware that presentations do not stop at just one, most of the time there’s a constant stream of presentations with fixed deadlines.  At Slidesho, we are the PowerPoint presentation experts so […]