Making the most out of your Retainer

If you are considering (or would like to have) a dedicated presentation designer on your team in the form of a retainer, then this post is for you. Here is everything you need to know about making the most out of your retainer. What is a retainer? A retainer provides you, your organisation and/or team […]

The Presentation Design Industry – Everything you need to know

Have you ever had the privilege of sitting through a polished and highly captivating and memorable presentation? If so, there is a high chance that that presentation was created by someone within the presentation design industry.    What is a Presentation Designer? A presentation designer is an expert in creating visual layouts and graphic design […]

Introducing a new subscription offer for the budget conscious business

There have been many hurdles for businesses to jump through in 2020, with many becoming more budget conscious and looking for areas where they can cut costs and save money. With this in mind, Slidesho is introducing a new subscription (retainer) offer, to assist our clients to keep on top of their monthly budgets. What […]

Why having a retainer makes good business sense

We understand that nailing that presentation is crucial and that getting your message across to your audience is no easy task. We are also aware that presentations do not stop at just one, most of the time there’s a constant stream of presentations with fixed deadlines.  At Slidesho, we are the PowerPoint presentation experts so […]