What your font says about your brand

When deciding on a font for your business, choosing a font that has the right personality for your brand is important. Selecting the right font can boost your brand identity because it will help attract the right audience. In this blog post, we will discuss the different typeface styles and what they represent. There are […]

The Basics of Branding

Every day there are many forms of communication being produced and sent out by businesses. The most common forms are email, social media, videos, websites, brochures, and presentations. The next time you are preparing a message to send or present to your audience, here is something important to keep in mind. Every form of communication […]

Is your business ready to hit the ground running after the pandemic?

Time to get set up for success! Covid-19 has greatly impacted all facets of life, and in particular, the way you do business today. Sadly, in some cases, there are businesses that have had to cease trading until further notice, while others are still fortunate enough to keep running. For business owners still operating, now […]