Case Study

A virtual PowerPoint presentation training session to the marketing team at REST Super


We were approached by REST and asked to run a virtual training session with the marketing team. The aim of the training session was to share tips and tricks and some basics around the principles of graphic design so as to allow the team to produce better presentations.

The date was set and as the training took place during COVID lockdown all participants logged in from their respective homes. After doing a round of introductions the training commenced with the following agenda:

  • Storytelling in presentations
  • Visualisation tips (use of images, icons, diagrams, infographics, etc.)
  • Layout tips (use of white space, rule of three, etc.)
  • PowerPoint specific tips (using the guides, the alignment tool, the format painter tool, etc.)
  • A live demonstration and formatting of some key slides
  • Q&A time

Running the session as virtual training worked really well, in particular, the live demonstration as it allowed the participants to step into the shoes of a presentation designer as they transformed the slides right in front of their eyes.

About REST: The Retail Employees Superannuation Trust is an Australian industry superannuation fund established in 1988. It is one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds with nearly 2 million members.

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