Case Study

PowerPoint Training Session for Metrix Consulting


Metrix Consulting is a Strategic Insights Consultancy. They recently contacted Slidesho to organise an online training session with seven staff members including their in-house graphic designer.

Our brief was to create a bespoke course for a team that was interested in general tips and tricks; time-saving ideas for efficient charting; formatting in general but also of charts/graphs; overall presentation design of slides and charts as well as the inclusion of some advice around slide masters.

Based on the brief, Slidesho prepared a 90-minute session to be delivered via Zoom that included:

  • Visualisations tips (use of images, icons, diagrams and infographics)
  • Layout and formatting tips (use of white space, rule of three for layouts, the alignment tool, time-saving format painter tool, etc.)
  • Making adjustments to the masters
  • And finally, a 30-minute live demonstration taking the team through the steps a designer takes to do a makeover on one of their own presentations.

About Metrix Consulting: Metrix Consulting uniquely focus on how to connect insights across all data sources, across the whole of the business and, where relevant, along the customer journey.

"Thank you for today’s training the team walked away with very valuable tips! "
Office Assistant

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