Case Study

An animated video presentation for the Ukufu app


Slidesho was approached to create a standout introduction to Ukufu via a promotional animated video. The video was required to provide a clear overview of Ukufu’s features, benefits, and overall capabilities.

Before creating the presentation, Slidesho consulted closely with the client to ensure we had a clear understanding of the key fundamentals that needed to be featured. Our job was to promote and highlight everything of relevance into the short duration of a 60-second video, while also making it visually impactful. Part of the brief was to also include a narration with an American accent which meant working with the client to develop the script.

As a result, Slidesho delivered a succinct animated video that effectively conveyed our client’s key messages, was easy to digest and simple to follow. The animated presentation was created entirely in PowerPoint, with the addition of the voice-over. The voice-over was then synched to the animations and exported as a movie file ready for upload on platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube or the client’s website.   We also created a much smaller file to allow for sharing of the video by smartphone.

About Ukufu: Ukufu is an iOS and Android app that monitors content from over 1000 sources in real-time and delivers information feeds in a simple to understand format.

With Ukufu’s tools and features you can:

  • View the latest articles on your topics of interest.
  • Read your topic feed without distraction from unrelated content.
  • Scan topic feeds and mark interesting articles to read later.
  • Save and organise articles into folders for future reference.
  • Leave short notes on saved articles to help add context.
  • Use a targeted search across the latest news articles to find what you’re looking for.

Ukufu’s clear mission is to help its users spend more time consuming their content, and less time searching for it.

The word ‘Ukufu’ is a variation of the Zulu word ‘Ukufunda’ which means to ‘learn.’

"Being involved in a modern start-up that was launching a new mobile app, the challenge was to explain what the app does in 60 seconds. Having previously worked with Slidesho, I knew that Beatriz and her team would come to the rescue. Within a few days and with a minimum brief they created a marvellous one minute walk through with very little input needed from our side. Procuring the correct voice was a must and the Slidesho team did it."
Ukufu, Partner

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