Mapping out a custom PowerPoint presentation for Australia’s top geospatial agency

PSMA Australia is a geospatial agency owned by Australia’s federal, state and territory governments. Their goal is to facilitate broad and sustainable access to high-quality location data, by providing location data that is trustworthy, reliable, authoritative and easily accessible. PSMA and their sub-brands curate the data into authoritative products that are being widely used by business and government to make everyday decisions.

PSMA group CEO Dan Paull was presenting at an industry wide conference in London where he was scheduled to speak for an hour. With less than a week’s notice, we produced a captivating presentation that was projected in front of 1,500 of his industry peers and colleagues.

A high impact, low text-to-graphic presentation was created to really capture and engage the audience.

Designing a presentation to go on a 12m x 6m screen with high visual impact was important enough to seek out a professional creative team. I am so grateful that I found Slidesho. They worked with me to bring alive our content which was involved, and within a short time frame. Their process to distil the information and produce slides from my random collages was amazing. They will be a permanent fixture on my roster of go-to agencies.

Marketing Manager, PSMA

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