Tutorial: How to use guides and grids in PowerPoint

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In this tutorial we look at the benefits of using guides and grids in your presentation. Essentially, grids and guides will make your life a lot easier! When it comes to laying out your work on a slide you want to make sure that everything is not only aligned correctly but that it follows some kind of format throughout the presentation.
Along with your Ruler, Grids and Guides help you with your page layout. Guides make it easier to align shapes and objects (particularly in relation to each other) as well as in relation to the entire slide. Please note that these guides and grids are not visible when you deliver your presentation, they can only be seen whilst you are working on the presentation and if you choose to you can also switch them off simply by clicking on Alt F9.

The fabulous thing about the guides is that you can add as many as you need or delete them as need be, this will depend largely on what you are trying to set out on the page… please refer to our example.

You can add more guides by holding down the CTRL key and selecting/ dragging an existing Guide – once the guide is positioned in the correct spot let go of both the guide and the CTRL key. Using the ruler will also help with this part of the job so make sure your ruler has been activated and is visible.

If you decide to delete a guide simply click on it and drag it off the side of the slide, alternatively, if you need to adjust it slightly and move it to a new position just click and drag to place it in the new position.

When it comes to Grids you can choose from a range of pre-set measurements to set the spacing between the Grid lines. Simply click on the grid line and right-click on your mouse then select Grid and Guides…this will give you a number of options, one being the option to snap objects to the Grid, you can use this to align a shape or object to the nearest intersection of the Grid.

You can also snap an object to another object by checking this box. (if you don’t want to use the snap option, you can hold down the ALT key and this will stop it from from snapping) or you can simply uncheck the snap option.

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