Tips for creating and delivering an effective PowerPoint presentation

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After 10 years in presentation design and thousands of PowerPoint slides created, we think that we know a thing or two about presenting with PowerPoint. So, without further ado here are our top tips to creating an effective PowerPoint presentation.

Tell a story

Using stats, figures and facts in every slide isn’t fun or engaging – and certainly won’t grab the audience’s attention. Using storytelling is an effective way of presenting otherwise boring, disengaging information. Do it right and you’ll leave the audience engaged and wanting to hear more.

Before cracking open PowerPoint, draft a rough outline of your story covering the key points you’d like to represent. We’re so passionate about storytelling and how it can help your presentation that we wrote a free eBook all about it.

Reduce your slide count

Slides should only be used to support your narrative as a presenter. Using too many slides is a classic case of “Death by PowerPoint” – you’ll rush through them, skipping potentially important parts and end up distracting the audience even more.

Use the correct size text

Microsoft’s “Tips for Creating and Delivering an Effective Presentation” states that a one-inch letter is legible from 3 meters, a 2-inch letter from 6 meters and 3-inch from 9 meters.

Depending on your presenting environment and how far away the audience is from the screen and how big the screen is, select an appropriate text size.  You may also like to consider the age group of your audience.

Don’t use clipart

How many times have you sat through a presentation full of bullet-points only for the presenter to make it even worse by sticking a clipart image in the corner. They have no use, they don’t look professional and are not a good representation of you and definitely not your brand. Using clipart won’t do you any favours when creating an effective PowerPoint Presentation.


Practise, practise, practise. You’ve dedicated the time to creating a great presentation, now it’s time to learn it. Don’t just read off a slide or even worse make it up on the spot.  If your presentation is important to you, then you need to dedicate the time to practising. Practise makes perfect!

A slide shouldn’t make sense

When you present, a slide shouldn’t make sense without the presenter. The audience shouldn’t be able to just read bullet points or text off the screen as this eliminates the need for a presenter and causes the audience to switch off.  Using small amounts of text along with visuals and images to support your narrative give your audience a reason to listen and stay engaged.

Hire a specialist presentation designer

If you are presenting an important presentation like a pitch deck to an investor or trying to win new business then you can’t afford not to hire a presentation designer. A specialist subject matter expert on your team will help you produce an effective PowerPoint presentation without all the fuss.

Other ways of creating an effective PowerPoint presentation

If you can’t afford a specialist presentation designer, try using a presentation template to jazz up your slides. If you work in either a business, creative or in retail, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a pitch deck template or more advice on creating an effective PowerPoint Presentation check out our resources.

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