How to tell compelling visual stories

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I’m excited to be speaking at this year’s Viz-Fest. Specifically about visual stories.  The four day online festival begins on 30th October with practical guidance from industry experts on the effective communication and visualization of research insight.  Each day will focus on a specific topic, so you can choose which days you’re most interested in.

Day 1 Communicating Data, Research & Insight
Day 2 Data Visualization & Dashboards
Day 3 Storytelling into Deliverables
Day 4 New Tech for Deliverables

Day 3 1st November 2017 / Story telling deliverables

Here is a synopsis of my presentation:

Smartphones and PowerPoint working together to produce powerful presentations.

Smartphones can be a powerful tool when it comes to market research presentations. We can now easily and simply incorporate features that were once (not so long ago) thought of as complex and not in everyone’s reach. Whilst admittedly not ‘rocket science’ or the latest in technology, with a little bit of imagination we can add a lot of value for our clients. We can create effective and visually appealing presentations, taking our audiences through a customer or consumer’s journey and stepping into their world. This webinar will take you through the step-by-step creative process. It will show you the apps used and how to use them, it will take into account the overall design of the presentation or the look and feel of the slides based on a company’s corporate branding and colours, it will demonstrate the use of simple but effective animation and transition techniques to create the journey, as well as the creation and use of vectors and iconography, and finally it will show you how to output as video ready for file sharing.

To find out more about the webinar and the full event please visit

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