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Storytelling is a powerful and convincing technique that can be used in business presentations to send a message to your audience and compel them to accept your recommendations, buy your product, convince them to act in a certain way, etc.  The reason why storytelling works is that stories are powerful instruments!

Numerous studies carried out have shown that storytelling works because we are naturally drawn to stories.  According to Bruce Gabrielle in his series of Storytelling articles, there are four main benefits of communicating via stories.

1. It allows for your messages to be more easily understood and remembered

When we tell stories we are not just listing a series of facts and figures, we are converting all that information into something meaningful, something that will can be more easily understood and remembered.  As Bruce Gabrielle mentions, if you tell me to do something in a certain way I might be sceptical, tell me a story around it, tell me why, explain that it’s happened to you, explain the outcome… then the story becomes convincing, and much easier to remember.

2. It increases trust and assists you to connect with your audience

“Stories create a bond between the teller and the listener. Sociologists believe every person fundamentally feels alone in the world. We crave connecting with others who have had similar experiences as ourselves, which we learn by listening to each other’s stories.”

3. It assists with spreading your message

Through the ages people have always communicated via stories, stories are carried on from generation to generation, they are easier to recall and can quickly spread so it stands to reason that sharing your information in a storytelling fashion is more likely to succeed than using other techniques during a business presentation.

4. It gets the audience to agree with you

Stories are persuasive tools, people tend to believe and agree with stories and are less likely to question, they touch emotions and therefore they are more likely to be convinced by them.

In concluding this week’s blog we would like to add some great techniques to put into practise for your next presentation:

  • turn facts into quotes
  • use statistics your audience can visualize
  • use customer anecdotes and quotes
  • add pictures of people
  • use immersive pictures to put your audience inside the action
  • use real examples
  • use video and audio

Enjoy your week!

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