Tutorial: Rehearse and record timings in PowerPoint

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OK, so you have just finished putting together your presentation and you now need to add slide transitions and animations.  The best way to figure out what timings you should be using is with the help of the “Rehearse timing” function/ button on your ribbon.

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation
  2. Select the “Rehearse timing” button in the Slide Show menu
  3. Start going through the presentation, start on slide one, speak as you would normally, out-loud, and advance through the slides at a comfortable pace.  PowerPoint will record the timings for you.
  4. Once you have gone through the entire presentation PowerPoint will prompt you to Save their timings.  These timings will be added to your presentation.  You can of-course manually alter these if need be.

A few things to keep in mind and consider when working with timings:

  • Will this be a self running presentation that someone else will read and view?
  • Will this be a photo album?
  • Will this presentation accompany your talk?
  • Are there time restrictions being placed on you when you present?

Using these recorded timings can be invaluable when creating a self running kiosk style presentation.

Have fun rehearsing your timings!

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