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Our top 10 tips for improving your virtual meetings

Whether you are hosting or attending a virtual meeting, it is always important to leave a positive and professional impression.  Meetings that are plagued...

Is your business ready to hit the ground running after the pandemic?

Is your business ready to hit the ground running after the pandemic? Covid-19 has greatly impacted all facets of life, and in particular, the way you...
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Virtual Meetings… our top 5 picks

Business and meetings go hand in hand, they always have, and this will never change.  What has changed, however, is the method by which we are conducting...

Our Changing Environment: Embracing the new normal

As the world shifts to working from home and adapts to the changing environment, one of the best ways to embrace the new normal is to lean into the virtual...

An interview with Beatriz Diaz, Presentation Designer

I’ve been working for Slidesho as Beatriz’s Personal Assistant, Project Co-ordinator and content contributor since 2018. I still clearly remember the...
Communication and connection between two minds or brains

Business perception is everything!

Whether you are a large global company or a small family business, how you communicate with your current and potential clients, partners and employees...
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The Versatility of PowerPoint: Social Media Graphics

There are many clever ways in which PowerPoint can be used in everyday business marketing situations. For example, did you know that many of our clients...
PowerPoint Presentation

Say goodbye to headaches… hire a Presentation Design Specialist

Say goodbye to headaches… hire a Presentation Design Specialist Most people, whether they are employed by someone else or self-employed, use or are familiar...

The Importance of a Good Brief

The Importance of a Good Brief Before outsourcing your next presentation to a Presentation Design Specialist, investing the time to put together a clear...