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Storytelling: The Most Powerful Form of Communication

Most of us invest a lot of time when creating a PowerPoint presentation. We all aim to have an impressive presentation that contains interesting and useful...

Things to consider before creating a PowerPoint template

A PowerPoint template is like the foundation of a building. It sits in the background of your PowerPoint presentations and ensures your formatting, colours,...

Our Top 8 Tips for Creating a Successful PowerPoint Presentation

A well curated PowerPoint presentation can help deliver your desired message to your audience. Following, you’ll find our top 8 tips to guide you along...

6 Ways to Engage an Audience when Presenting a PowerPoint Presentation

When you next find yourself in the position of having to present a PowerPoint presentation to an audience, firstly ask yourself – If you were an audience...

Stats with Style. Yes, you can have attractive presentations with data!

It’s not uncommon for corporate PowerPoint presentations to include lots of statistics and data.  For this reason, the most important thing to ensure is...

Our review of the Top 3 Canva Presentation Templates

In this blog, we review the top 3 Canva presentation templates. A few weeks ago, an email newsletter from Canva piqued my interest, the subject line read:...
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The Magic and Versatility of PowerPoint

The Magic and Versatility of PowerPoint I realise that when it comes to PowerPoint, we presentation designers have a soft spot and bias for the program....

Why you should use speaker notes in your PowerPoint presentations

Why you should use speaker notes in your PowerPoint presentations PowerPoint comes with many useful features, but if I had to choose one feature that...
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5 types of visuals that can be used in PowerPoint presentations

In an earlier post, we discussed how humans process visual data a lot better than text. In fact, an astounding 90% of all information transmitted to our...