Nail that pitch.

 In Presentation tips

Do you know what your competitors are doing?  How are they showcasing their work?  Do they have a professionally designed presentation template? Are they incorporating infographics and iconography to help them tell their story?  Are their presentations on brand?  And most importantly, how do you think your presentations compare?  Would you win that competitive pitch?

When it comes to competitive pitches it’s important to make a great first impression, to get the edge on your competitors and present yourself in the best possible manner.  Would you turn up to the all-important meeting in a wrinkled suit, or messy hair?  The same applies to presentations, they need to showcase not only what you do and what you have to offer but they also make an important statement about your brand.  In a world where looks do matter, a presentation could also give you more credibility and allow you to shine.

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