Why you can’t afford not to hire a presentation designer

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Do you have an upcoming presentation? What will happen if you lose? Even worse, what about if it was lost because of your poorly designed PowerPoint deck? A specialist presentation designer can fix that.

If you’re planning on presenting you should consider a professional presentation designer. A presentation designer (such as Slidesho) live and breathe presentations. That’s all they do. A team of subject matter experts on your team crafting the perfect presentation for you. Imagine how powerful your next presentation could be with us on your team?

Think of it this way… imagine you needed your roof fixed. You wouldn’t try this yourself, you’d call in a professional tradesman. Just like with a roof, a presentation needs the care and knowledge of a professional. And instead of a tradie you’d call in a presentation designer. For over a decade we’ve been building, writing and designing powerful and professional presentations to our clients across Australia and internationally. Our clients include Westpac, Bain & Company, Australian Government and Baxter just to name a few. Some of our most recent work can been seen here:

We’re so passionate about presentations that we’ve created tons of free resources on our website to help you present, design and write your presentation effectively. We provide free eBooks, templates and tips and tricks – helping you produce a great presentation.

In addition to our resources we also offer professional presentation design services. Our services include: presentation design, template design and messaging and consultancy. We are not a typical graphic design agency that happens to use PowerPoint – we’re a niche presentation designer, that’s all we do.

So, without further ado, here are three reasons you need to be using a specialist presentation designer.

  • Putting together takes time – a lot of time
  • Design sells
  • To gain an unfair competitive advantage

Putting together takes time – a lot of time

If you create your own presentation decks then researching the science of presentations should be number one on your list. You’ll need to research what does and what doesn’t work in a presentation, find out the latest design trends to stay ahead of the competition and ultimately how to create a winning presentation. Sounds easy, right? Wrong.

Now, next on your list is design. When creating your slides, you will invest days, if not weeks designing, tweaking and nurturing your content to make it work. Whilst this sounds simple, it certainly isn’t. How many times have you sat through a presentation with bullet points on the screen and a piece of clipart slapped on? Getting to that stage of bullets and clipart could take days for most non-presentation designers to produce a whole deck. Doing this is pointless for two reasons. Firstly, bullet points suck. Nobody wants to sit and watch you read the bullet points off a screen – it’s boring and a classic case of ‘Death by PowerPoint’. Secondly, they don’t work. They don’t convey your key messages to the audience, instead they just create an additional barrier between you and your audience.

With a niche presentation designer, you wouldn’t face this issue. You’d simply send a brief and not have to worry about learning presentation theory, design trends or how to engage your audience. Now that’s simple!

Design sells

Every single aspect of your slide deck is essential to your success as a presenter and ultimately to how successful your presentation is. The design of your PowerPoint slides is especially critical. The design of your presentation will have a major impact on whether you close the deal/ win the pitch and the audiences overall perception of you as a business.

Imagine if you turned up to your next meeting with bullet points on a slide, whilst your competitor had a nicely designed and well-crafted presentation. Who do you think the client is more likely to by from?

example of a slide not designed by a professional presentation designerNever turn up with a slide deck like this!

Gaining an unfair competitive advantage

Design isn’t everything. Although having an awesomely designed presentation will help, it’s not the be all and end all. A slide should make sense to the audience and having a pretty slide with a story that wasn’t planned well won’t help your cause.

A specialist presentation designer can help you gain an advantage against your rivals by refining the story, content and message. We help draw out your key messages and help you bypass the barriers and distractions to your audience.

Poorly designed slides don’t make you money. Putting together a deck on a train to your meeting doesn’t help you succeed. Investing in a presentation will help you secure new business and an unfair advantage.

Conclusion: You need a presentation designer

Let us fight your battles. A subject matter expert in your corner to take the the pain out of your presentation project. Contact the experts

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