How to tell compelling visual stories

I’m excited to be speaking at this year’s Viz-Fest. Specifically about visual stories.  The four day online festival begins on 30th October with practical guidance from industry experts on [...]

Create your own PowerPoint template

Create your own PowerPoint template The aim of this workshop is to create your own PowerPoint template you’ll be proud of.  A template that will not only be perfectly aligned to your [...]

Microsoft Office 2019 set for release in 2018

News has just come to hand that Microsoft Office 2019 is set for release in 2018, the announcement was made earlier this week at the Microsoft Ignite 2017 conference held in Orlando, Florida.  [...]

A before and after presentation makeover

Watch the transformation, a before and after presentation from a simple hand-written note to a fully animated and dynamic presentation. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business.

Nail that pitch.

Do you know what your competitors are doing?  How are they showcasing their work?  Do they have a professionally designed presentation template? Are they incorporating infographics and [...]

9th year celebrations

Slidesho is celebrating 9 years in business! Thank you for another great year of working together.

The Science of Visuals

The science of visuals by John Puleston, Lightspeed GMI, from Research News, May 2016. This extensive study explores the role of visuals in the gathering and delivery of research data.

Do Looks Matter?

Do looks matter? This interesting article by Keith Phillips, Senior Methodologist, Survey Sampling International from Research News, June 2016,  explains how you can make data visualisation [...]

A closer look at chart options

As promised, today we are taking a closer look at the new chart types available with Office 2016 (these are available across Excel, Word and our hero… PowerPoint).  No doubt these new [...]

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