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Benefits of Explainer Videos



Explainer videos are used widely by businesses to introduce themselves, their services, products, and explain what they do succinctly and visually through the use of animation. Explainer videos are short in duration, but they sure pack a punch!

Why every business should have one as part of their marketing collateral:

1. Your audience will remember you

First and foremost, explainer videos are visual, so there is a higher chance that your information will be remembered by your audience – this is backed by extensive research that demonstrates that we are more likely to remember visuals rather than words.

2. It’s a great way to explain your product or service quickly and clearly

Explainer videos successfully explain a product or service very quickly, and because they are visual, they are more likely to grab the attention of the viewer and keep them engaged.

3. Build your brand

Brand awareness is extremely important and because your explainer video is tailor-made specifically for you, it will contain all your branding (e.g. colour palette, logo, fonts and slogans) which makes it a fantastic way for your audience to familiarise themselves with your brand, and that in turn helps build trust.

4. Convey messages clearly

Explainer videos allow you to convey your key messages clearly and simply, ensuring your target audience not only absorbs the message but also remembers it. Ideally, they should be anywhere between 30 and 120 seconds in duration.

5. Versatility

They are versatile and can be used across multiple channels, such as on your website and all your social media pages.

6. Likeability

Animated videos have a higher chance of being shared compared to other forms of communication because they are more visually appealing and engaging.

7. Complex concepts communicated simply

One of the great things about explainer videos is that they convey your complex concept or message and communicate it clearly and in a simple format.

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