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A Review of Canva Presentation Templates – Our Top 3 Picks


In 2021 we wrote an article on the top 3 Canva presentation templates which turned out to be one of our most highly read blog posts. So, as a follow-up, we thought we would do it again, this time focusing on our pick of the top 3 ‘free’ ‘corporate’ presentation templates available on the Canva platform.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Canva, it is a graphic design platform used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. It was founded in 2012 by Perth based Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams.

The templates available in Canva are extremely helpful for many businesses, large and small, albeit with some limitations but overall, they are a great resource to have up your sleeve should the need arise.

When doing our research for this article we discovered that while we were narrowing down our search by selecting ‘corporate’ and ‘free’ the search almost always placed the paid templates at the top and scattered the free versions rather than placing them at the top of the list.

At Slidesho we remain 100% loyal to PowerPoint, it’s our chosen presentation design platform and has remained so over the past couple of decades, surpassing Apple’s Keynote.

So, without further ado, here are our top 3 picks of ‘free’ ‘corporate’ presentation templates available in Canva:

1. Yellow & Black modern company profile presentation

Number of masters:15
Fee:Free & 100% customisable
Additional resources:No
Initial impression:If you’re looking to make an impact then this template will certainly get you noticed with the bright colours and layout options. The template offers lots of variety in terms of layout, shapes, the shape of images, and text layouts.
Ease of use:Very easy to use, just click and type. You can replace the existing images with your own images, and change the colours to make them fit with your branding.
Overall design:The overall design is quite bright. Depending on the type of product or service you are offering, you may need to tone it down or adapt it to fit the overall look and feel so that it works in line with your brand. There are quite a lot of elements on the slides such as circles, crosses, and oblong shapes which may not suit everyone. If you’re looking for a minimalist template then this is probably not the right choice for you. The 15 masters provide ample choices in terms of layout variations, from graphs to columns of text and everything in between.
Link:Click here to access the template

2. Black & White Modern Company Presentation

Number of masters:15
Fee:Free & 100% customisable
Additional resources:No
Initial impression:If you prefer a clean, black-and-white, no-fuss template then this is a great one to use. There is an adequate number of layout alternatives to suit most content as well as a couple of options for a dark background which will help break things.
Ease of use:Very easy to use with good placeholders for text and images. Tip: Remember when switching up the images keep them to black and white so as to not lose the overall impact that is intended with this black and white template.
Overall design:A nice clean design with a good choice of sans serif fonts – both caps and sentence cases are used in the template. One thing we did notice is that the text might be too small in some instances, and you may need to enlarge the text depending on how you are presenting. If delivering by email, then it’s fine as is, but if you’re presenting in a large auditorium we would increase the point size of the content text.
Link:Click here to access the template

3. Red Professional Gradient Sales Report Sales presentation

Number of masters:23
Fee:Free & 100% customisable
Additional resources:No
Initial impression:This is a lovely template with well thought out masters. They provide a good variety in terms of layouts as well as visual differentiation with various coloured backgrounds. These are great to break up the monotony and can also keep the audience alert. The various colours can be used to highlight specific parts of the presentation, perhaps when you’re making a key point.
Ease of use:Very easy to use, just click and type, change the images as required and the colours if desired to fit in with your branding and then add your logo.
Overall design:It’s a versatile template that would suit many businesses and users. The fonts are clean and easy to read, and the layouts are clear and will certainly assist to communicate your message. A clean font is used throughout as well as a nice distinction between headings and content text in terms of font sizing.
Link:Click here to access the template

To conclude, if I had to rate the above templates, I would give first place to the Red Professional Gradient Sales Report Sales presentation (Template No.3), with a choice of 23 masters, variety in terms of colour palette and layouts, you cannot go wrong. And if you need to tone it down you can adapt the gradient colours to suit your branding, either by removing the gradient altogether or making it more subtle.  

Would you like a PowerPoint template that looks just as amazing?

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